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Elevate your self-care routine with our Tachyon-infused products.

You deserve it.

what people are saying...


  • "Effervescencess makes my favorite bath products ever. They turn our everyday act of washing into a ceremony and ritual. The high vibrational elements from the plants, the salt, and most importantly the tachyon have a noticeable effect on your mood and sense of self, creating a perceivable effect on your energy for the better. I feel the noticeable change in my sense of well being and happiness when I use these products and will always keep them in the house !"

    Ben G.

  • "I haven’t ever consistently used salt body scrubs before but ever since I tried out the Self scrub, I’ve been using it pretty much everyday. It leaves skin feeling fresh and moisturized - I truly feel cleansed and nourished after using the Effervescencess scrubs. I’ve also tried the Abundance and Aura Cleanse scrub but my favorite is the Self Scrub - I love the red color and it’s rich floral aroma. It always makes me feel clean and luxurious! Treat yourself to an all natural and therapeutic luxury while also supporting a lovely local / small business hand crafted by two angels from the beloved Sedona, AZ vortex. 😇🙏🌟🌟"

    Alexander W.